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Formholz is a family business which goes back three generations and can therefore look back over a long-time tradition. Founded in 1950, the company strove ever upwards, going from strength to strenght until we were finally able to open a planing factory in 1991, a totally new sector for us. In 2006 we acquired an insolvent saw mill in Groß Gerungs, just a few kilometres from our headquarters, whereby it was possible, saving the jobs of the previous employees, as well as to outsource the complete sawing sector to this modern factory. At the original facility in Wiesensfeld, we are now able to completely focus on planing.

1950: Establishment of the family owned saw mill by Josef Kitzler

1964: Issuing of a trade license to Josef Kitzler

1969-1970: Reconstruction of the saw mill

1989: Acquisition by Alois Kitzler

1991: Construction of a hall for planing purposes

1996: Extension of the area to 15.000m² including storage depots

2000: Construction of a new office building

2003: Purchase of a boiler pressure impregnation vessel

2006: Take over of the saw mill Fürst in Groß Gerungs – Management by Johannes Kitzler

2009: Implementation of a complete automation at the planing factory

2011: Exchange of the electrical round timber measurement equipment to most modern state of the technology

2011: Enlargement of the timber storage are in Wiesensfeld

2012: Modernisation of various machines in the saw mill

2013: Asphalt coating of various tracks

2013: Exchange of the power transformer in Groß Gerungs

Wiesensfeld 1960 / 1984

Wiesensfeld 1986

Wiesensfeld 2001

Wiesensfeld 2013

Groß Gerungs 2013

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